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Welcome to Roben Manufacturing

Roben Manufacturing is acknowledged worldwide, producing conventional and proprietary Reactors, Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers in specialized alloys up to 200 tons. 


Main applications include Refineries, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Fertilizers & Explosives and Power Generation. Roben’s success is attributed to successfully meeting customer challenges to reduce equipment failures, our in depth knowledge of special materials, joining techniques, and respect for client confidentiality.


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The future of Half Pipe Jacketed Reactors


Reactors are a critical component of a production plant where reaction or a phase transformation is taking place. Robens' reactor designs can be equipped with jackets, internal coils and agitators to produce effective contact between the reactants, and to enhance heat transfer if necessary. As examples, Roben has supplied reactors for polymerization, condensation, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals production, hydrogenation, fertilizer, glues and coatings, etc.


Roben's research into the widespread failures of Half Pipe Jacketed Reactors led to the development of processes and manufacturing techniques, in order to perform 100% full penetration welds of the jacket and shell  connection, to eliminate leaks and failures. The most cost effective method to establish full penetration welding of the half pipe is a thorough borescopic examination of the internal welds. Careful understanding of weld process limitations and borescopic inspection techniques, will reduce the common misconceptions about achieving 100% full penetration welds on these Reactors. Additionally, by incorporating a 6” (154mm), consistently formed half pipe jacket, we are able to improve the effective heat transfer and minimize pressure drop. These documented techniques and procedures ensure Roben Half Pipe Jacketed Reactors will provide improved life cycle performance and durability. 


The Reactor agitator is carefully chosen for each application. The type of impellers and horsepower, based on shear forces or simply mixing, is equally important for achieving process efficiency and effective heat transfer. Roben’s pressurized reactors can be equipped with a double acting mechanical shaft seal. The reactor internals can be ground and polished to mirror finish followed by electro-polishing, if required.