Roben Manufacturing globally supports the chemical industry with heat exchangers and vessels for sale. It doesn’t matter whether the chemicals are exported from growing East Asian economies, or right here in the United States. Roben can supply the vessels for chemical handling.

Chemical Vessels

Fine chemicals, often applied to pharmaceuticals, is a vast industry as demand for health and wellness grows globally. The importance of chemical purity is not lost on us as we construct our equipment for quality and reliability.

Fine Chemical Vessels

Oil as a standalone resource goes through a vast amount of processes to be turned into lubricants, energy sources, plastics, and beyond. We provide the storage, treatments, and containers for your petrochemical business. If polymers and plastics are your livelihood, trust us with providing your vessels.

Petrochemical Vessels

Fertilizer must be stored and contained properly for safety. The containment should be tamper proof, stain resistant, and stable. Our tank products meet all specs and criteria for the fertilizer industry.

Fertilizer Vessels

The explosives industry and applied energy solutions are highly regulated spaces. Blasting agents must be stored under stringent measures. That’s where our products and solutions come in. Trust us to meet your spec. Our products will not shrapnel with blast fragmentation.

Explosive and Power Gen Vessels