Defense and Power Generation Reactor Vessels

Power generation, energy, and defense are all about containment. Volatility in power production is why we build our vessels to strict quality standards. We handle products such as reactor pressure vessels in nuclear power plants, which store and contain coolant. These vessels bear the reactor shroud as well as a reactor core. We make vessels for:

  • Light water reactors
  • Graphite-moderated reactors
  • Advanced gas-cooled thermal reactors
  • Pressurized heavy water reactors
  • Liquid metal cooled reactors
  • Molten salt reactors

We implement a full design process from start to finish. We construct the body, head assembly for fuel rod implementations, coolant pathways, and reflectors.

Our metals and alloys are chosen for the prevention of radiation damage, voiding bubbling, or potential future destruction. Pressure and reactor vessels are under a great deal of stress, and we ensure our products are up to the task.

Vessel Wall Thickness and Pressure

Our pressure vessels comply with ASME vessel code. The thickness calculations for the heads and body of the vessel walls are intended to sustain pressure over time and with continuous use. The ASME Code Sec. VIII, Div. I describes pressure vessels with use in defense and impulsively loaded vessels. Vessel integrity is of vital importance, and we maintain a team of fitters and welders who ensure the highest quality of work. Our choice in more elastic materials ensures that explosions do not cause shattering, like other, more brittle materials.

Temperature Management

Defense and power create large amounts of heat as a byproduct. Handling the critical increase in heat is vital for safety and containment. Our brilliant fitters and welders craft systems that will last through changes of temperature, pressure, or sudden fluctuations of forces.