Fine Chemical Vessels

Fine chemical products are often simple chemicals, but not simple to produce. The multi-step processing and specialized treatment, verification, and purification are handled in vessels that we manufacture. The vital polymers, composites, and components must be stored and processed in equipment that stands up to daily production.

Molecular Transfer

Reactor vessels and settling vessels often use cooling coils and impellers to provide a reaction with a catalyst. These are the tools that we provide to make your processes work. If your business synthesizes commodities and specialty chemicals, trust our vessels with your fine chemicals. Examples of processes for fine chemical applications include:

  • Halogenation
  • Aklylation
  • Metal catalyzing
  • Hydrogenation

Tank Vessel Mixing

Continuously stirred tanks are our most popular fine chemical process tanks. We have a variety of agitation methods depending on the application. However, if you’re unsure of the specification, contact our engineers for a consultation. Our team will manage the process for manufacturing your mixing tank.

Vessel Wall Thickness and Pressure

We factor in a large number of variables to provide proper vessel wall thickness. We look at

  • Joint efficiency
  • Operating pressures
  • Peak temperatures and ranges
  • Division classification
  • Metallurgy
  • Vessel diameter
  • Head configuration

ASME regulations are implemented for safety in stressed and equipment under load. With chemical processing, Sanity and safety are vitally important. The raw chemicals producted within these vessels are distributed across the world. Our quality control is where it all starts.

Temperature Management

Temperature management is the core of what our product accomplishes. Our designs are built for distributed heat between material choice, metal or alloy thickness.

Look to Roben Manufacturing for your industrial reactor vessel needs. We keep in mind efficient total volume production with our batch reactors and continuously stirred tanks providing an optimal product for our customers. Our years of experience in flow chemistry enables us to build your ultimate vessel to specification.