Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage industries use our product because of our focus on sanitary surfaces and design implementation. Our integrity with downstream process design shows with food and beverage compliance. Our vessels, column, evaporators, bins, mix tanks, heat exhangers, and vats are code approved and tested for the highest quality.

Discuss with out team your unique demands for fluid characteristics and mixing dynamics.

We offer:

  • Blend tanks
  • Mix tanks
  • Sugar Tanks
  • Juice Tanks
  • Weigh Tanks
  • Pellet Tanks
  • Wine & Alcohol Tanks
  • Ozone and Pure water
  • Many More!

Vessel Wall Thickness and Pressure

We maintain strict compliance with pressure vessel code. Our pressure vessel thickness calculations  are managed by engineers looking at safe PSI design pressures. High pressure cylinders must absolutely maintain regular internal gauge pressure without giving in to pressure stresses or losing integrity over time. Our stainless steel vessels are ideal for the food and beverage industries that demand safe, reliable, and sterile equipment.

Temperature Management

Maintaining temperature is vital for proper food and beverage industry processing. Heat also adjusts the pressure contained within our vessels. That’s why we build with heat exchangers and heat transfer processes in mind. The vessels of course must also maintain heat at an ideal temperature in many circumstances. Contact us to get started on your pressure vessel specifications.