Quality Standards

Licenses And Certifications

Our ASME certificates certify quality of products under the ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes. This is the authoritative certificate assured by the America Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) with a history of 120 years of service. The ASME certification demands a renewal audit every 3 years, with a surveillance audit every year.

Quality Assurance

ASME Code Section VIII Div 1

ASME Code Section IX

PED Compliant


API 620

API 650

UL Code

Quality Control

Roben’s system manages engineering flow, materials acquisitions, receiving, inspection,traceability, production scheduling, shipping and invoicing. This provides the flexibility of being highly configurable for specific job tasks and houses all scheduling and delivery of customer projects.

Our processes and experience allows us to maintain the flow from recieving high quality materials and converting them into high quality products. We’ve maintained strong working relationships over the half century of business. We certify that checks and balances are in place to maintain material control.

Roben’s products are manufactured to international quality standards. The lineup of equipment is varied because of Roben’s unique ability to design and fabricate Custom Process Equipment

Our engineers will work with you on custom solutions to fabricate one-off designs or smaller production runs.

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