Roben Manufacturing, a family owned business, started designing and manufacturing pressure vessels and heat exchangers in 1955 for the chemical and power generation industry. Materials of construction were generally carbon steel and stainless. We later concentrated on equipment design and welding failures. We solved problems where we could couple our design and metallurgical expertise, to weld difficult to join materials. Roben has always been committed to offering our customers’ equipment reliability solutions while incorporating advanced fabrication techniques. All aspects of Roben’s design, engineering and manufacturing are customized to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Today Roben Manufacturing is known globally for a wide range of equipment found in the chemical, fine chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food & feverage, fertilizer & explosive, and power generation. The business is mainly dedicated to:

  • Detailed engineering and fabrication of heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels, columns and tanks in alloy and clad materials.
  • Development of weld processes and manufacturing techniques in alloy materials.
  • Engineering design and manufacturing of shell and tube heat exchangers.