Petrochemical Industry.

The oil and gas industry is constantly facing new challenges. Unconventional gas, oil, shale and LNG are continuously adopting new methods of process design and efficiency. The extreme nature of these processes, equipment design and welding integrity is critical to safety and productivity. Roben incorporates technologies for joining materials that provide improved reactor, pressure vessel and heat exchanger quality, resulting in increased life cycles and productivity for our customers. Our approach includes:
  • Direct supervision of all welding processes
  • Flux handling with no moisture absorption using the SAW welding technique
  • Controlled procedure of pre- and post-heating
We are dedicated to product development and plant facilities improvement to maintain our leadership position and to guarantee defect free manufacturing.

Vessel Wall Thickness and Pressure.

Hydrocarbon processing is known for creating extreme pressure. That’s why we build the specialized shells to handle the high pressure. The shell handles both longitudinal stress and hoop membrane stress. Specify your design pressure and temperature and our engineers will construct the head, shell, and nozzle with ideal materials and thicknesses. Our talented welders and fitters meet and exceed ASME standards in constructing the vessel welds. The walls and seals will ensure an efficient and long lasting product under high pressure.

Temperature Management.

Our tube heat exchangers are ideal for heat transfer in petrochemical applications. The heat recovery task is managed by increasing the heat transfer surface. We also provide spiral heat exchangers, counterflow, and other configurations for managing the heat transfer task. We have capabilities and designs for compact heat exchangers and smaller tube heat exchangers in tight applications. Give our engineering team a call to see how we can manage your petrochemical application.
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