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Duplex Alloys for Superior Coil Jackets

Technical Comparison Property 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel T316 Stainless Steel Composition – Chromium: 22-23%- Nickel: 4.5-6.5% – Molybdenum: 3-3.5%- Nitrogen: 0.14-0.2% – Iron: Balance – Chromium: 16-18%- Nickel: 10-14% – Molybdenum: 2-3% – Iron: Balance Microstructure Dual-phase (austenitic-ferritic) Austenitic Tensile

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Enhancing Quality and Reliability

Experience the Power of FEA Analysis at Roben Manufacturing Dear Valued Customer, At Roben Manufacturing, we take great pride in providing exceptional manufacturing services to industrial businesses worldwide. We believe in staying at the forefront of technological advancements to ensure

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Pressure Vessel Head Types

Introduction Pressure vessels are essential components in various industrial processes, designed to contain and store fluids or gases under high pressure safely. These vessels come in various shapes and sizes, but one critical aspect of their design is the type

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REACTOR JACKETS Introduction Selecting the best reactor jacket is a crucial aspect of reactor design that impacts the process’s efficiency, productivity, and safety. Different types of reactor jackets are available in the market, including half-pipe coil, dimple, and conventional jackets.

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