Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our pharmaceutical pressure vessels and custom mixing tanks are designed and fabricated under ASME code for safety and integrity. Welded pressure vessels and reactors are created with corrosion resistant alloys for highly aggressive chemicals and acid applications. The joining procedures for ferritic, austenitic, duplex stainless steels and dissimilar alloys have become well recognized among our raw materials. Roben has continued the systematic development of the quality assurance system and the design and manufacturing know-how. Today we are capable of delivering very demanding products such as jacketed reactors for high pressure applications, autoclaves and large nitric acid absorber columns and distillation columns for the chemical and fertilizer industry. Our cylindrical intermediate bulk containers use materials such as stainless steel to process hygienic pressure vessels.

Pharmaceutical Vessel Wall Thickness and Pressure.

Pressure vessel design temperatures and stress limits are implemented with every one of our shipped products. Stringent testing, analysis, and planning are implemented for safety and compliance. The pressure vessel geometry is vital to the structural integrity of the pharmaceutical equipment. We are capable of implementing finite element analysis with:
-Linear stress analysis
-Non-linear stress analysis
-CFD fluid flow
-Extreme wind
-Seismic events
-Water hammer or vibrations from flow.

Pharmaceutical Vessel Temperature Management.

Pressure vessel design temperatures are key to operation in pharmaceutical industries. Batching with correct heat ensures safe customers, a compliant business, and an incredible final product. Roben delivers exemplary custom designed, manufactured, and tested equipment, that meets or exceeds conformity requirements of international codes of practice, including ASME, TEMA, PED, etc. A highly experienced staff has helped Roben earn a proven reputation for delivering exemplary products that focused on engineered custom-designed equipment that is manufactured and tested to exceed our customers’ expectations and to meet the conformity requirements of international codes of practice including ASMETEMAPED and many others.
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